FEB 23: Homemade Spinach and Pine Nut Ravioli in Parmesan Brodo

Ready to make your own filled pasta with Chef Gavin? We’re so excited to share this gorgeous dish with you—and the clever techniques that go along with it. We’ll make an egg dough, prepare its filling, roll it out, and put it all together (this class requires a pasta sheeter). Then we’ll prepare a Parmesan broth, a base ingredient useful for plenty of other recipes, but beautiful and restrained all on its own. This recipe serves four.

Our classes will be released as pre-recorded videos, available for you to cook along with when convenient for you, and pause when you need extra time. Join our Facebook Group to ask questions, chat with our team, and share your results.

Skills you'll learn: mixing pasta dough, using a sheeter, assembling filled pasta, making Parmesan broth, cooking pasta

Class video released February 23rd.

Ready in an Hour Feeds 3-4