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inspire a love of cooking by offering knowledge that meets people where they are, by connecting our community with storytelling through a virtual medium that extends our reach beyond the four walls of our restaurants.


I wanted to share that I thought the event last night was fantastic.  We’ve gotten great feedback from our clients and prospects that attended.

Thank you so much for helping with our event. It was amazing and everyone absolutely loved it! Chef was incredible, and I cannot thank him enough for being so personable.

I am thrilled with the feedback we received from last night’s event. We would love the opportunity to do more together, and I will keep an eye out for more ways to work together. You were so great to work with on the details! Thanks!

The feedback we got from our small breakout group was so surprising. We invited you to come cook with us, and that part was fabulous, but I think you actually imparted more leadership wisdom teaching to that group than we’ve gotten in any other sessions that we’ve done. You lead with humility, grace, and perseverance, and truthfulness, and you really just inspired a lot of people. Sincerely, thank you from all of us!

Chef Gavin was fantastic! Great storyteller, excellent chef, and fantastic cooking tips. I learned more from him in 30 minutes than all the chefs I’ve worked with combined. Thank you again for everything.


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